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Thanksgiving Cooks – Clean As You Go!

As the cook for the Holiday meal, Food Safety is important.  The University of Missouri Extension recommends you clean as you go, but be careful of cross-contamination.  When you are working on the turkey, make sure the cutting board, knives, countertop, utensils and even the sink are cleaned before you move on to the next task.  Use a solution of clean water and a tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water to help sanitize those areas.

Be careful to clean your sponge or dishcloth as well or they can become a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

For the dishcloth, keep it rinsed well and change it out regularly to ensure it is not harboring any dangers.  For the Sponge, rinse several times in clean water and then while damp, put it in the microwave oven on the highest setting for one full minute and that will kill off any of those bad organisms.

Remember to use that sanitizing solution to clean up periodically.