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Property Tax & Real Estate Tax Deadline Is December 31st

If you haven’t paid your personal property and real estate taxes yet, they are due before the end of the year.  Livingston County Collector / Treasurer Paula McCoy says there are a few ways to pay.

McCoy says the taxes must be paid in full, they do not take payments.

McCoy says you also need to clear up any unpaid tax bill you may have from previous years.

She says if you do not make your payment by the end of the year, there are penalties.

The Livingston County Courthouse will be open next Monday and Tuesday.  The Collector/Treasurer will accept payments in her office during regular hours of 8:30 to 4:30 pm.

If you are paying at the Courthouse, you will need to enter through the NORTH door and go through the security checkpoint.  You may want to bring only what is needed to conduct your business.

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