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Livingston County Jury Notices Mailed To 447

Four-hundred-forty-seven Livingston County residents will soon receive a letter informing them of Jury Duty.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department placed the juror questionnaires in the mail Friday.  The next jury term runs February 10 through June 07, 2020.

Livingston County Circuit Clerk Jane Gann is required by law to have the selected names and forms to the county sheriff to deliver.

If you receive this form, you need to complete it promptly and send it to the Circuit Clerk.  You can mail this form in or hand-deliver it to the courthouse.

Sheriff Steve Cox says if you decide to hand-deliver it you will need to enter the north door of the courthouse and not take items like purses, bags, pepper spray, pocket knives, or other items like concealed weapons into the courthouse. Your pocketbook, cell phone and juror notice will be enough.


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