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Southwest School Will Have Four Day School Week

Students at the Southwest of Ludlow School will have a 4 day school week starting in the fall.  Superintendent Burnie Schneiderheinze says they are expecting this will be a benefit for the district, especially when it comes to recruiting new teachers.

Schneiderheinze says for the students they will get the benefit of an additional day off to rest up before returning to class.  The district will have classes Tuesday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm.  He says the length of the school year will not be affected.

Under the plan, the teacher in-services will be held once a month, on a Monday and will not create shortened days, which they have found to be less productive.

He says they will be watching the student performance and will review the decision if there are problems.

Schneiderheinze says there are other districts in the area that have successfully switched to a 4 day school week and others locally that are looking at the change.

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