Classroom And Virtual Training For Chillicothe And Area Firefighters

Chillicothe and area firefighters participated in classroom and virtual training this week at the Chillicothe Fire Department.  Chillicothe Fire Chief Eric Reeter says the “SIMS 1st Arriving Chief Officer Class” included Chillicothe, Wheeling and Chula working and learning together.  Reeter says the program began with classroom training.

Reeter says part of the class was for what to do in the case of a “May Day Call,” for a firefighter down.

He says the final part of the class included simulated fire scenes.


Reeter says this is the third time they have had this type of training and the 1st time with this version.  The training program was through the Missouri University Fire and Rescue Training Institute and was provided by the state of Missouri through fire funding.

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