Rezoning of The Central School Property Approved By City Council

Rezoning of the old Central School building was approved by the Chillicothe city council Monday night.  The council reviewed the Planning and Zoning recommendation and approve the request to rezone from Public Use to Residential R-3, allowing for multiple apartments.  Property owner Nathan Zabka was on hand and answered a few questions, on his plans for the property.

Zabka talked about the type of apartments.

The apartment size will be from 730 to 850 square feet.  They will have sprinklers throughout the building and parking will be both on-street and in the lot at the back of the school.

Zabka did talk about the playground.

He will also keep and maintain the old school bell.


Zabka says he will have at least 10 units available within the three-year time frame in his contract with the school district.

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