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Electrical Fire Damages Home In Chillicothe

Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to a report of an electrical fire at a home at 422 Collier. The call came in about 8:30 and arrived in two minutes to find heavy smoke coming from vents from the roof. The resident was still inside the home but family members were outside.

 The fire crew found the breakers for the furnace and one other unknown item were blown.  They attempted to access the attic but had to cut a hole in the roof to gain access.  In the attic, they found hot spots and embers.  50 gallons of water were used to cool the hotspots.  Thermal imaging cameras showed additional hotspots in the ceiling of the kitchen.  The ceiling and insulation were pulled down and fans were used to remove smoke from the house.

In the ceiling, they found an electric junction box without a cover.  Wires that were connected to the box had burnt the covering off and had chard beams where the wires had been laying on

The owner was advised they needed to call an electrician before power could be restored.

The fire crew was on the scene for about an hour and 15 minutes.