KC Man Arrested After Caught At Over 100 MPH

A Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputy was passed by a vehicle on US 36, traveling at a high rate of speed.  Sheriff Steve Cox says the incident happened last Saturday at about 1:00 am.  The deputy was westbound, east of Chillicothe when the vehicle passed him and was clocked at 101 miles per hour, and nearly struck the patrol vehicle.  The vehicle was stopped west of Chillicothe near Coon Creek.  The report states the driver was believed to be allegedly driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol and was uncooperative, insulting, belligerent, and resisted arrest.

The driver was uncooperative and then attempt to place the key back into the ignition, and still not following commands, so the deputy removed the man from the vehicle.

He arrested 29-year-old Kyle Robert Hull of Kansas City.  He was charged with alleged DWI and Resisting Arrest and transported to the Daviess Dekalb Regional.


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