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Regulatory Burdens Eased For State’s Educators

Missouri Governor Mike Parson eased regulatory burdens for the state’s educators.  Under the order, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced:

  • Missouri is canceling statewide-required assessments for the remainder of this school year.
    • Some graduating seniors eligible for the A+ Scholarship may still need to take an assessment.
  • Schools will not be required to make up the days/hours lost due to COVID-19 this school year, and missed calendar hours will not affect the calculation of average daily attendance.
  • Missouri’s foundation formula – DESE’s school funding mechanism – is designed to absorb a one-year attendance irregularity for schools that are paid on the first or second preceding year’s Average Daily Attendance (ADA).
    • Basic formula payments will not be interrupted if student attendance is lower this school year. Next year’s basic formula payments can be based on the highest of a district’s first or second preceding year’s ADA.
  • DESE has waived the requirements for any remaining student teaching and internship activities that would have taken place in schools.

In addition:

  • High school seniors working toward A+ eligibility will have a reduced number of tutoring/mentoring hours from 50 to 25. A student with a cumulative 2.5 GPA at the end of either the Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 semester will be eligible.
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