Grand River Multipurpose Center Meals Program Needs Funds

The Grand River Multipurpose Center meals program has been very successful, maybe too successful.  They are now in danger of ending the program due to a lack of funds.  Center Administrator Cindy Ireland says they were doing well before the COVID 19 crisis shut down the congregate meals at the center.  Now they are doing only delivered meals and are seeing the funding fall short.  Ireland says they had been seeing funding cuts for a while.

Ireland says the Young At Heart program estimated the center would do 125 meals a week for the county, but the center was averaging 410 meals a week.  They were not funded for 285 meals EACH WEEK.  Since the congregate meals ended due to COVID-19, the numbers have increased to 610 per week.

Ireland estimates their funding is $87,000 short.  She says they did receive a pledge of $15,000, but that still leaves $72,000 to raise.

If you know of foundations with grant funding available, they would appreciate you letting them know.  If you do have questions, call Cindy Ireland at Grand River Multipurpose Center.  Their number is 646-1555

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