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Dealing With COVID-19 On The Farm

Many have figured out how to deal with COVID-19 at home or when going to the store, but what about farmers…  Farm families face unique challenges.  The work needs to be done and the window of opportunity is small and weather dependent.  While some of the work means you will be distancing yourself from others, other tasks mean working together.  The University of Missouri Extension has offered some good advice for those working on the farm,  Agronomy Specialist Andy Luke says several people on the farm, both family and employees, may share equipment.

Luke says find ways to do some of the daily tasks both on and off the farm by way of alternative methods.  If you are meeting  to plan the day’s work, remember the “social distancing.”

You also need to be informed about the virus, where you may come in contact with it and how long it may last on various surfaces.

Don’t take risks.  If you feel you have been exposed to the virus, and are showing symptoms, contact your health care provider and be prepared to isolate yourself to protect the rest of the family.

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