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Good Time To Teach Life Skills

If you follow social media, you are bound to see comments about the need for schools to teach teens life skills. Guess what… Now is your opportunity for you as a parent to do just that. And the great thing is the kids get to use the skills that are already learning.
So what are the skills you can pass on to the kids?
Cooking and Baking
That can lead to menu planning and shopping lists
Well, that leads to budgeting
Lets plan a trip! When this is over we will all want to get away for a while…
Figure where you want to go
Research the cost
We are back to budgeting, both money and time
Will you drive? Estimate the miles, the gas needed and the cost of motels or camping
Doing laundry may be second nature to you, but teach the kids.
Why do you separate things? Is it necessary? Hot or cold water?
Can it be dried, or will that cause the expensive sweater to shrink?
Dig out the manual for your machine and look at the directions on the detergent.

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