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CARES ACT Funds Distributed To Counties

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) funds have been distributed to the states and through Missouri, Livingston County, including the City of Chillicothe will receive nearly $1.8 million dollars.  Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas says this money is not meant to offset losses by the cities or counties due to revenue shortfalls.  Douglas talked about how that money could be used.

He says they are studying how the money can be used and determine how best to use the funds.  He says what is not used by the end of the year will need to be returned to the state.

Douglas says the amounts distributed to the counties vary by population.  For the local counties that includes:

  • Livingston  $1,786,431
  • Caldwell    $1,058,226
  • Carroll       $1,018,220
  • Chariton       $871,218
  • Daviess        $971,175
  • Grundy      $1,155,602
  • Linn           $1,398,454
  • Sullivan        $714,361


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