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Curbside COVID-19 Testing – Livingston County

Curbside COVID-19 testing will be available to the public in Livingston County on June 17th.  Ann Burchett from the Livingston County Health Center says the testing is by appointment, and you will stay in your vehicle.

This Curbside Testing is open to Livingston County residents only, who are 18 years of age and older.  You must call the Health Center at 646-5506 and they will set the appointment time and get all of the required information.

This community COVID-19 testing event is open to any Livingston County resident.  The results will indicate if you are positive for the COVID-19 virus at the time of the testing.  It will NOT indicate if you have had COVID-19 in the past.

To make an appointment for the curbside COVID-19 Testing in Livingston County on June 17th, call the Livingston County Health Center at 646-5506.

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