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Six Transported To The Missouri Department Of Corrections

Six people were taken to the Missouri Department of Corrections by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department for treatment or incarceration.  They include:

30-year-old Savannah Jimenez of Chillicothe for Possession Controlled Substance sentenced to CODS treatment

38-year-old Amanda Burns of Bethany for a Probation Violation on Conspiracy to Commit Possession Controlled sentenced to CODS treatment

28-year-old Shelbi Shira of Chillicothe sentenced to 8 years for a Probation Violation on a charge of Distribution Controlled Substance

29-year-old Christopher Graves of Kansas City, MO sentenced to 8 years for Delivery Controlled Substance

55-year-old Paul Happy of Excelsior Springs sentenced to 3 years for Possession Controlled Substance

24-year-old Sease Beard of Corder, MO sentenced to 5 years for Tampering

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