Livingston Co. Health Center Reports Three New COVID-19 Cases

Three new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed Tuesday through information received from the Livingston County Health Center.  The notification state the three additional positive cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were symptomatic and will be isolating at home for 14 days.  Close contacts are being notified of their exposure.  The additional cases bring Livingston’s total case count to 15, with 5 cases recovered, and no reported deaths.

The health center urges the public to continue to take appropriate precautions including good hygiene, social distancing, and limiting in-person interactions. If you are sick, particularly with a fever and a cough, or shortness of breath, stay home and contact your health care provider or urgent care center for guidance regarding symptoms and next steps.

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  • Again, realizing the limitations of this format, I would request additional reporting on demographics that would in no way violate HIPPAA of patient confidentiality: i.e., age range (pediatric/18-34/35-49/50-65/65+) & whether cases are community spread (someone at home in Chillicothe/Livingston CO since March), travel-related (off to party at the Lake/shopping in the City/etc.) or a healthcare worker. This is something the NPR station at Maryville includes in their Nodaway Co. updates, so it seems a reasonable step.

    The State has reduced it’s release of information from daily to weekly, which makes the data even more outdated once it reaches the public. We are dependent upon you, as local journalists, to provide useful information, especially given the decline of the Con-Trib under its New York owners.

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