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Photo Exhibition Opens At Sliced Bread Innovation Center

The “My Missouri 2021 Photo Exhibition” will be in Chillicothe for three weeks.  The exhibit, which includes 200 photographs, arrived Thursday at the Sliced Bread Innovation Center on 1st Street.

The exhibition is oriented around the four seasons and the selected photographs showcase the geographic and cultural landscape of the state. They provide an opportunity on the occasion of Missouri’s bicentennial to reflect upon and increase the understanding of, the state’s rich diversity while recognizing the many things its people share.

At least one of the photographs in the exhibit are of a Chillicothe Landmark.

Ed Douglas from the Sliced Bread Innovation Center says an opening reception for the exhibit will be held Friday evening.

The exhibit opened in Jefferson City and Chillicothe is the first stop as it will travel the state.  The Sliced Bread Innovation Center will also be open Sunday through Tuesday from 9:am to 7:00 pm.