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Protect Your Pets Over The July 4th Holiday

The Chillicothe Animal Shelter is urging pet owners to keep an eye on your pets for the July 4th Holiday.  If you are having friends or family over to celebrate, Shelter Director Leslie Patek says to remember to keep the people food away from the animals or kids as she calls them.

She says that can be a disaster.

When it comes to fireworks time, keep the pets well away from the fireworks.

If possible keep the pets inside for the fourth, maybe in the basement and provide them with some music or other distraction, especially during the big fireworks display that evening.  She also recommends items that will help calm your pet, like the thundershirts that help with storms or contact your vet for other methods.

If your pet should get out of their enclosure or out of the house, contact the shelter at 646-1006 and Leslie says they will work to try and locate the pets and return them to the proper home.

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