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Dog Days Are Here

The Dog Days of Summer are here, and that is NOT good news for the dogs that are outside all day.  Leslie Patek from the Chillicothe Animal Shelter says when it is hot outside, a ride in the airconditioned car sure feels nice, even for our pets.  But don’t leave the pets in the car when you step out for a moment.  Patek says they have ZERO tolerance.

Patek says at home, if your dog is outside on the hot days, make sure they have shade and good air movement.  Give them plenty of food and fresh water.  She says make sure that water is kept cool or changed throughout the day.  A frozen water bottle in a large tub of water can help for a few hours.  Check with your neighbors and see if they can help if you will be gone all day.

Patek also says if your dog is digging a hole to lay in, that is their way of keeping cool.

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