Dorney Inducted Into Chillicothe Hall Of Fame

The Livingston County Preservation Society unveiled the latest inductee onto their hall of fame Tuesday.  Police Chief Maurice Dorney is the fourth inducting for the Hall of Fame.  The ceremony was held at the Sliced Bread Innovation Center.

Rodney Mouton from Livingston County Preservation Society says Chief Dorney served as City Marshal and later Police Chief for 49 years.

A granddaughter of Chief Dorney, Mayor Theresa Kelly, added details of the induction and the Chief’s life.  She says Dorney was a barber when he was first approached about becoming a police officer.

Kelly says City Leaders determined the position needed to be elected and it became City Marshal.  Dorney was elected to the position starting in 1901 and held the office until he died in 1948.

The Hall of fame exhibit is available at the Sliced Bread Innovation Center through July 22nd.

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