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Chillicothe Police Report For The Weekend

The Chillicothe Police Department report for the weekend includes 115 calls for service.


10:52 AM, Officer took a report of stealing in the 1400 block of Calhoun Street.

12:05 PM, Officer assisted animal control in the 1800 block of Third Street.

5:02 PM, Officer responded to a private property accident in the 300 block of North Washington.  Parties exchanged insurance information.

6:23 PM, Officer conducted a traffic stop in the 400 block of Vine.  Driver was given a warning for an improper turn and expired registration.

7:43 PM, Officer responded to the 700 block of Cowgill regarding a parent having issues with their juvenile child.  The issue was resolved.

10:26 PM, Officer received a report of property damage in the 700 block of Chicago.  A resident report the neighbor drove through their yard.  No damage was seen.



10:53 am, Officer out in 1500 block of Bryan Street for a theft investigation.

11:04 am, Officer out in the 1100 block of Bryan Street to contact victim of the theft of a purse from the 500 block of S. Washington Street.

11:45 am, Officer out in the 1500 block of Litton Road for residents locating drug related items in their yard.  Items were collected and brought to the PD.

4:21 pm, Parking complaint in the 100 block of Ashley Avenue.  Officer made contact and the vehicle was moved into the driveway.

7:33 pm, Report of an electrical box open at Danner Park.  Determined to be the control box for the basketball court.  All OK.

8:33 pm, Officer out in the 1000 block of Elm Street to check the welfare of a dog.  A report will to go to the Prosecutor for possible filing of charges.

9:16 pm, Officer in the 1200 block of Walnut Street contacted a driver on a report of reckless driving.  The issue was handled by Officer.

10:53 pm, Officers responded to a vehicle in the ditch near Litton Road on Mohawk.  Highway Patrol responded to the scene and arrested the driver for DWI.

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