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Ramps at Cameron To Close

A resurfacing project will mean some Highway ramps will be closed Saturday in the Cameron area.
A company working with the Missouri Department of Transportation is working on resurfacing the southbound lanes of I35 in the Cameron area.
To safely and successfully mill and repave the southbound entrance and exit ramps at Route B (Exit 52) crews must close them to all traffic.
The ramps will close Saturday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm while crews work on the project.
A Spokesperson stated due to the nature of the work, progress along the lanes for through traffic cannot be scheduled, so the exact time the ramps will close Saturday is unknown. Once closed, they will remain closed for up to three hours.
Traffic on I-[35 will continue to be affected by the work with traffic on Southbound I-35 narrowed to one lane between Shoal Creek and DeKalb county line with a 12-food width restriction in place.