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Livingston County Sheriff’s Budget At The Half Year Mark

At the half-way mark of the Fiscal Year, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department’s finances looks to be on track. ¬†Sheriff Steve Cox stated June 30th was the halfway point of the budget year and he said overall for 2020, the department finances look to be operating well within their overall budget.

The highest percentage of allotted finances used is Law Enforcement Training with 55.55% of the $4,600 allocated for training spent, Concealed Carry budget shows 53.65% of the $850 spend and the Sheriff budget has used 46.54% through June 30th. Other budgets are below 40% spent, halfway through the fiscal year.

Cox stated overall, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office budget is in great shape and he looks forward to working with area agencies and communities the remainder of 2020.

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