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Watering Your Garden

How does your garden grow?   If the answer is No grow or Slow grow…  You could need more H2O.

University of Missouri Extension Field Specialist in Horticulture, Tom Fowler says, How and when you water your garden often makes the difference between healthy or diseased plants.  Fowler offers some simple watering tips that can provide a bushel of benefits.

First, water at the right time for the best results.

Fowler says many people have sprinklers for their gardens but that is not the best way to water.  Consider a soaker hose or drip irrigation.

How much should you water?  He says as a general rule, 2-3 inches a week.  He says a simple tool will help to determine if you are in need of watering.

Fowler recommends soil testing to determine your garden’s nutrient needs. See the MU Extension publication “Steps in Fertilizing Garden Soil: Vegetables and Annual Flowers” available on the University of Missouri Extension website.

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