Area COVID-19 Cases

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the area counties has reached 360, with 3 deaths.  Those figures are from the States COVID-19 Dashboard.  Those numbers may be behind as they work to keep up on new cases.  The local numbers include:

Caldwell           28
Carroll              74
Chariton           14
Daviess            18       1
Grundy             24       1
Linn                 28       1
Livingston        50
Sullivan          124

For the Chillicothe Women’s Prison:

Data from the Department of Corrections shows there have been 18 staff members with confirmed cases of COVID-19, three have recovered.

The Department of Corrections also shows 203 offenders at the Chillicothe Correction Center have confirmed cases of COVID-19 and there are non that have recovered. That is the highest number in the Corrections system.

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