Livingston County Sheriff’s Department Arrests and Investigations     

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department report for the later part of July includes several arrests and investigations.

July 20th deputies responded to the courthouse for an unruly man.  39-year-old Anthony David Munroe of Chillicothe had been sentenced to Jail for alleged class E felony Failure to Appear in Court.  He was removed from the court and found to be in possession of marijuana in the courtroom.  Additional charges are pending.

Also on the 20th, deputies were called to Chula for a juvenile driving around and tossing fireworks from the vehicle.  The juveniles and parent(s) were contacted and informed of what had been going on.  The person who “owned” the vehicle did not have proof of auto insurance, had not properly registered the vehicle and allowed an unlicensed young person to drive.  They were cited for the offenses.

July 29 deputies assisted the Missouri State Fire Marshall’s office with an arson investigation.  Deputies obtained statements from two potential persons of interest and shared that information with the investigating agency.

July 30th,  deputies received a report of fraud by the victim of a scam.  The victim was conned into believing they had a friend in another state who needed banking information so the friend’s grandmother could send some money.  The victim had fraudulent checks of about $800 deposited into the account and then withdrew $700 and purchased Amazon and iTunes cards and those cards/information were sent to the scammer.  That bank account has since been closed and little to no chance the victim’s money will ever be recovered.

Other Arrests:

July 20th, deputies arrested 23-year-old Jason David Close on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Bond Violation on a charge of alleged Failure to Register as a Sex Offender violation. He was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.

July 23rd,  36-year-old James Henry Venneman of Chula surrendered on a Pike County arrest warrant for alleged Non-Support.  He posted bond and was released.

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