An Alcohol Compliance Check Failure In Trenton

One violation is reported following the alcohol compliance checks conducted by the Trenton Police Department and the Midland Empire Alcohol Task Force.  The compliance checks were completed at alcohol retail outlets in Trenton on Saturday, August 8th.

Trenton Police Department reports one local business sold an alcoholic beverage to the underage person.  Charges are pending and no further information can be released.

The Task Force provided the underage person, funds to purchase, and pays for all Police officer’s overtime to work the investigations. The underage person attempted to buy alcoholic beverages from twelve retail establishments and bars in Trenton.

The Police Department and the Task Force have conducted compliance checks for the last several years in order to eliminate mistakes by employees and identify anyone selling alcoholic beverages to minors.


Due to current guidelines, no in person trainings are being offered.

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