COVID-19 Numbers For The Local Counties

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the area counties is now at 435, with 3 deaths.  Those figures are from the Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard.  Those numbers may be behind as they work to keep up on new cases.  The local numbers include:

Caldwell           35

Carroll            101

Chariton           17

Daviess            17       1

Grundy             27       1

Linn                 32       1

Livingston        62                   8 active   54 removed from Isolation

Sullivan          144

For the Chillicothe Women’s Prison:

Data from the Department of Corrections shows there are 11 staff members with active cases of COVID-19 and 12 have recovered.  Staff must have two negative tests before they are “recovered” and can return to work

The Department of Corrections also shows 190 offenders at the Chillicothe Correction Center have active cases of COVID-19 and there are 30 that have recovered.

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