First COVID-19 Death In Livingston County

The first death in Livingston county due to COVID-19 was reported by the Livingston County Health Center.  Health Center Director Sherry Weldon says they are saddened to report the death of one of our residents due to this virus.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Livingston County as of Monday morning is 66.  Health Center officials report that includes 2 active cases, one death, and 64 that have been removed from isolation.

Looking at the neighboring counties,

County              Cases       Deaths

Caldwell County      36       1

Carroll County       104

Chariton County      21

Daviess County       19

Grundy County        30       1

Linn County            41       1

Sullivan County     155

The Department of Corrections reports the Chillicothe Correction Center has:

Eight staff members with active cases and 16 that have recovered.

There are 72 offenders with active cases and 160 recovered.

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