08/14/2020 Creations Episode 9: Queen City Shout Festival

The 10 th annual Queen City Shout festival will take place as a virtual online event August
17th-23rd. Over the course of seven days, festival goers will have an opportunity to experience and
enjoy 92 local and regional bands and songwriters of varying genres featured across multiple “live
stream” stages & platforms. Along with music, attendees will also see a great array of visual arts and
film in both virtual galleries and screenings on YouTube. In short, attendees will witness the vast array
of artistic talent that exists in and around the greater Queen City area in a communal celebration of the
As part of a greater cause, the Queen City Shout festival will be collaborating with area
nonprofits that support our friends experiencing homelessness and those living in poverty. Nonprofits
will have a visual presence throughout the festival so that attendees can be encouraged to get more
information and get involved through volunteerism.
Due to the festival transitioning to online this year, there will be no ticket or passes to purchase.
In short, we are running a gofundme fundraiser to counter the loss of revenue the non-profits would
have had from physical sales. Attendees are asked to donate and contribute what they can.
Participating venues this year will still include White River Brewing Company, Lindberg’s
Tavern, The Do Good Lawn (Vecino), C-Street Market, Ruthie’s Pub & the Q Enoteca wine bar but will
serve more in a sponsoring role and will have a visual presence throughout the week of the festival.
Participating sponsors as of this release include Mother’s, KSMU, 417, Lamar advertising,
Springfield Music, Midwest Family Broadcasting (The Cave, The Beat, The Bull & Q102), Ozarks FOX,
Big Momma’s, C-Street CID, Cusco, Chabom & Van Gogh’s.



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