Archery Ranges Available Ar Several Conservation Areas

As the fall hunting seasons approach, Deer and turkey bow hunters are practicing and honing their skills.  To assist these hunters, the Missouri Department of Conservation provides several free target archery ranges in both suburban and rural areas around the state.  These areas are available for use by the public for recreational shooting year-round.

Many archery ranges are located at conservation areas, while others are part of a site that also includes firearms shooting ranges.  Some have nearby covered pavilions and toilets, some in rural areas have parking lots and designated shooting stations but no other services. All ranges have target backstops, and most ranges offer the backstops at varied distances. Archers will need to bring their own paper targets. Several walk-through archery ranges are also offered.

Archers are encouraged at these ranges to practice current COVID-19 precautions, including physical distancing. The MDC also ask that you please keep these archery ranges safe and free from litter.

The Archery ranges in the local area include:

Poosey Conservation Area in Livingston County

Gallatin Conservation Area in Daviess County

Trenton Area Trap and Skeet Range in Grundy County

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