Why Did Livingston Co Covid Cases Rise

If you are following the number of cases of COVID-19 on the Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard, you will notice Livingston County more than tripled the number of cases.  Ann Burchette from the Livingston County Health Center says this is the result of the Department of Corrections numbers being added into the county total.  Friday afternoon, the state added 199 cases of COVID 19.  The health center had advised the public this would happen.
The total cases on the State’s Dashboard are slightly behind the County’s numbers due to the volume of cases that need to be entered into their system.


  • The actual case number for inmates according to MODOC is 252 not 199.

  • We would not have all these cases of the virus If are town would have followed a good example of wearing a mask
    and staying six feet apart. I’m disappointed In Wal-Mart and Hy-vee for not Insisting on the public to follow the
    rules. They seem to think this Is a hoax. Tell that to the families of almost two thousand people that have died
    due to the virus. I have heard people say God will look after me. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GOD expects you to
    use commone since and listen to the Doctor’s and nurses which are putting there live’s on the line to help all
    of us. Trump has all the answers let’s shoot disinfectant In your veins and let’s rush unsafe vaccines which has
    not been proven yet so he will have a feather In his cap. Trump says testing Is not that Important. Well Trump
    quit getting tested everyday like you say It’s not that Important and keep holding rallies with no mask.

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