Chillicothe Police Report for 9/6/2020 Activities

Chillicothe Police Activities from Sunday, September 6th, 2020:
8:07 am: A report of suspicious activity near a road construction site on Mitchell Rd.

8:11 am: Officer assisting Hedrick Medical Center on request to contact Judge in reference to a subject having made threats of self-harm. Officer made contact with a Judge and he will follow-up on the situation.

11:35 am, Officers out in the 500 block of St. Louis Street checking on reported damage to cars by kids on bicycles, Owners advised calling back if require reports.

12:31 pm, Officer out in the 1000 block of Graves Street for a report of property damage to a vehicle.

2:41 pm, Officer recovered an item of drug paraphernalia in the 900 block of Webster Street, it was taken to Police Department for disposal.

2:44 pm, Report of C & I driver, south of town headed north on US 65. Officer observed the vehicle and no violations were observed.

5:41 pm: Disturbance reported in the 400 block of Wise Street….Determined to be a landlord/tenant dispute. The argument was resolved.

5:47 pm: Report of a Moped being stolen from the 1100 block of Calhoun Street. The investigation is continuing.

8:00 pm: Officer out in the 500 block of S. Washington Street on an investigation.

11:04 pm: Suspicious activity reported in the 1000 block of Olive Street….someone walking around with a flashlight. The Officer could locate no one and no response from the residence.

11:06 pm: Report of someone attempting forceful entry of residence in the 100 block of Ashley Avenue. The officers were unable to locate anyone.

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