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Funding for Sullivan co Project

On September 2nd, the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission approved a project agreement between the Missouri Department of Transportation and Sullivan County to provide up to $9.2 million in a local match for the $13.4Million BUILD Grant for road and bridge infrastructure around the East Locust Creek Reservoir. While work remains to secure a Grant Agreement with the Federal Highway Administration, MHTC’s approval represents a giant step forward.
The project agreement was necessary to advance the BUILD Grant project. Sullivan County was notified of the award of the BUILD Grant in November of 2019. Since that time, local, state, and federal agencies have been working on the complexities of overlaying a $22.6 Million road and bridge project on a $150 million lake project.
The Grant will provide funding for roads, bridges, and pedestrian walkways in the lake area. Eight miles of paved roads will be created or improved and 17 miles of gravel roads will be improved.

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