MDC TO allow Coyote & Feral hog hunting

The Missouri Department of Conservation has updated regulations regarding coyote hunting and feral hog control. The change comes in response to citizen requests to the Regulations Committee to use night vision, infrared, thermal imagery equipment or artificial light to hunt coyotes and from landowners to allow their authorized representatives to use night vision, infrared or thermal imagery equipment without prior approval from a conservation agent to address damage caused by feral hogs.
The revised regulations allow landowners who own property of any size and their authorized representatives to use the technology to kill feral hogs on the landowner’s property while in possession of any implement where wildlife could be killed or taken.
The regulations also allow properly licensed hunters to use the approved methods in conjunction with other legal hunting methods to pursue and take coyotes from February 1st through March 31st.
The regulations become effective Nov 30th.

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