Chillicothe R-II’s Response to COVID-19

As the Chillicothe R-II School District is nearing a month of classroom time for the students, Superintendent Dan Wiebers reviewed their response to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation.  Mr Wiebers talked about some of the steps taken as they find out about students who have tested positive.

Wiebers say they want to have the students in the classroom.

He says they are also taking additional steps in each of the buildings to reduce the chance of any spread of COVID-19.

Wiebers says the Administrators, Teachers, and Students are doing an outstanding job of working within the bounds of the restrictions that are in place.

One comment

  • I understand being cautious but sending kids home that have no symptoms of any kind is not helping anything only hurting the kids futures “if a kid is sick keep them home it’s called common sense “. I also believe canceling sports events is also a problem and is effecting the kids they can never get these times back with no history there is no future I think there is better ways of dealing. With this problem than canceling and quarantine every kid that has a cough allergies, the common cold etc is still a thing not everything is the virus

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