Scammers Targeting Area Residents

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department is warning of scammers calling residents of Livingston County and the surrounding area.  Sheriff Steve Cox says some callers are portraying to be a deputy with this office.  The caller was telling the intended victim they had a warrant for their arrest and needed to take additional steps (involved sending money or buying cards and sending the numbers on those cards) to the caller.

He says they have also learned these people are also calling registered sex offenders in various counties telling them the same things including versions about DNA requirements and such.  Cox says they have learned an area registered offender ended up getting cards and sending the information to these scammers and that person is out $6,000 which will never be recovered.

Cox says these callers are almost always outside of the United States, they spoof their number they are calling from to appear as if it is local or from the United States and they are nothing more than con artists trying to steal your money.

If you find you have been a victim of these scams, you should report them to local law enforcement.  If you receive these calls, HANG-UP.

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