COVID-19 Numbers For Livingston County

The cumulative total for COVID-19 case continues to rise.  In Livingston County, that number was at 385 as of midday Wednesday.  That includes 67 active cases.  The Livingston County Health Center also reports 6 total deaths due to COVID-19.

Looking at the surrounding counties,

Cases           Deaths

Caldwell    130               1

Carroll       155               2

Chariton      54               1

Daviess     172               1

Grundy      230               7

Linn           144               1

Sullivan     247               0


  • Not sure where you get your numbers, but Linn Co. has 282 total and 8 deaths according to the health dept.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Please note KCHI Radio is located in Chillicothe MISSOURI, as stated on the top of our web page.
      In the State of Missouri, Linn County has had 145 cases and 1 death as of 10/15.

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