Doughty Addresses City Council On CAFO’s

A representative of Poosey Neighbors United, Doug Doughty, addressed the Chillicothe City Council Monday in the public comment portion of the meeting.  Doughty talked about the proposed CAFO.  He talked about the number of buildings and their size, the fact that some buildings would have manure pits beneath them and health risks associated with the animals and manure.

Doughty also talked about the effect the traffic from trucks would have on the roads in the area, both during construction and the operation of the CAFO.

Doughty invites area residents to contact the organization to find out more about CAFOs and the one proposed in Livingston County.

The current application was recently filed with the Department of Natural Resources and will go through the process for consideration for permits to construct and operate the business.  The County will have an opportunity to review the proposal, and will hold public hearings on the proposed CAFO, but may not have the ability to stop it.

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