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‘Spooky Spiders’ Offered By MDC

Spiders are creatures that many people don’t like to see, but it’s a good thing we have them.  The Missouri Department of Conservation will hold a virtual program on spiders in Missouri on October 20th.  The program is called “Spooky Spiders”

This online program will be from 10-10:30 am and is put on by the staff of MDC’s Springfield Conservation Nature Center. To register, follow the link in this story.  https://mdc-event-web.s3licensing.com/Event/EventDetails/174616

Missouri is home to somewhere around 480 species of spiders. The MDC estimates approximately 11,000 spiders can be found in a typical acre of Missouri forest habitat and more than two million are in a typical acre of Missouri grassland habitat.  Though many people have a high level of spider fright, MDC Naturalist Jordanya Raos will explain how the numbers listed above shouldn’t have people reaching for the nearest can of insecticide or a rolled-up newspaper.  Instead – they should be thankful that many spiders are sharing the landscape with us.  Spiders often consume at least one insect per day. Think about the bug problems we would have if there were not an abundance of spiders around us helping to control insect populations.

The program is free, but you must register by following the provided link.

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