Middle School Sports Results

The Chillicothe 8th grade Football Hornets ended their 2020 season with a 38-12 loss to the visiting Maryville 8th Grade Spoofhounds.
The Hornets’ highlights were mainly supplied by Hornet standout Silas Midgyett who returned a kickoff after a Spoofhounds score for a 70-yard touchdown return. He also led the team in rushing and scored the team’s only offensive touchdown.
Quarterback Trevor Peniston led the team on some good drives and a couple of nice runs.
Defensively, Midgyett made a few nice plays as the defensive end and the other defensive end, Johnathan Bowlin, also had a sack and a tackle for loss.
The defensive line, led by Trent Jacobs, Bo Smith, and Austin Covert, also made some big plays according to Coach Doug French.

The 7th Grade Volleyball A-team finished the year with a 2 set victory over Savannah team by the scores of 25-21 & 26-24. With the win the Lady Hornets finished the year undefeated and did not lose a set.
Coach Terry McKiddy said, “This group of girls have a lot to look forward to in the future.” Leading the way in service points was Ava Leamer with 10, followed by Carman Woodworth with 7.
The Chillicothe 7th grade B-team lost in 2 sets 10-25 & 15-25. McKiddy sad the girls made improvements all year long.

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