Chillicothe City Council Actions

The Chillicothe City Council approved a salt spreader and demolition Monday.

Demolition of a house at 823 Jefferson was awarded to Perkins Dozing.  The Chillicothe City Council approved the bid of $7,500 to do the work that includes the demolition, removal of the debris, Clearing the entire lot and leveling the lot in preparation for seeding.

The council had two bids presented that were essentially the same price.  The second bid by Red Rock included doing the seeding and mulching for an additional $500.


A used salt spreader will be purchased for the Chillicothe Street Department.  The City Council on Monday approved the purchase of the spreader with a stainless steel box at a cost of $8,138.  The spreader will replace one that did not have a stainless steel box and had rusted.

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