Paying Your Property Tax Amid COVID-19

Livingston County residents will soon receive their personal property and real estate tax bill.  Collector Treasurer Paula McCoy is asking taxpayers to pay their bill in one of three ways:

By Mail, Using the Dropbox or On-Line.

McCoy says those that mail in their payment should send a check, NO CASH, to Livingston County Collector/Treasurer, 700 Washington Street, Suite 5, Chillicothe.

If you are using the Dropbox, you will find it located on the north side of the courthouse, near the entrance.

If you want a receipt for your payment, include the request in the mailed or items left in the Dropbox.  The receipt will be mailed.

If you must come to the courthouse to pay in person, please remember you will be asked to pass through the metal detector, so bring only what is needed into the courthouse.  You will also be asked to practice social distancing and wear a mask.

If you have questions, call the Collector/Treasurer’s office at 646-8000 x7.

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