Restricted Access At The Livingston CO Sheriff’s Office

Due to concerns for COVID-19, the Livingston County Sheriff’s administrative office is under restricted access until further notice.  Sheriff Steve Cox says will continue to handle emergency and non-emergency calls.  Cox says his office will continue with criminal investigations, patrol duties, court security, civil process and helping people daily.

If you need to report a crime, please call the dispatch office at 646-2121.  In an emergency, dial 911.

Cox says when your call is received, a deputy or the sheriff will be assigned to help you.  Other business will be scheduled by our staff as needed.  Masks will be mandatory for all involved.

If possible LCSO staff will attempt to meet you in an open-air location.

The Sheriff’s Office will not be handling Concealed Carry License Applicants and Renewals for at least the next 30 days.  If you are nearing 6 months expired please call Captain Sindy Thomas at 660-646-0515 and special arraignments will be made to assist you.

For Non-Urgent calls, Cox says you can call 646-0515 and leave a message if necessary.  Your call will be returned.

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