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Northern Missouri – Abnormally Dry

Even with the showers of the past few days northern Missouri is officially listed as Abnormally Dry on the Drought Monitor.  National Weather Service records show for the year, Chillicothe has received 35.03 inches of rain and is only 3/100ths of an inch below normal for the year.

Looking at the data for August 1st through today, Chillicothe has received 8.6 inches of rain and we are 3.84 inches below normal for the period.

The Abnormally Dry drought status means there is a slight risk of lingering water deficits and stress on crops and pasture.

The National Weather Service says rainfall this week could move area counties out of the Abnormally Dry status.

The one-month outlook for November is for slightly below normal rainfall and the three-month outlook is much the same.  The National Weather Service says this is normally a dry period and they usually see the moisture increases toward the end of January.

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