COVID-19 Numbers

The number of COVID-19 in Livingston County is now at 703.  The Livingston County Health Center released the numbers Friday morning.  In the county, there are 77 active cases and 19 are hospitalized.  Of the current cases, 1 is from area facilities and 13 attend Livingston County Schools.  The number of deaths in the county is at 17.

Numbers for the Missouri Correction Centers are not available at this time as the site is under maintenance.

Taking a look at the most recent numbers from the surrounding counties:

County        Total     Active      Deaths

Caldwell         408          70            4

Carroll            429          47            8

Chariton         384        142            5

Daviess          335          92            7

Grundy          562        109          18

Linn               587        140          14

Sullivan          596        114            5


  • So, what is the health department doing about the rising numbers? There is now a mask mandate, but no enforcement, so they have done nothing. If you really expect all the naysayers around here to start wearing a mask because you told them they should, nothing is gonna change.

    • Just a stupid question…..but WHY is it always the responsibility of a County Health Department to “do something about the rising numbers??” Haven’t they now, for months, been verbally or through literature or posters, telling/announcing/pleading for people to wear masks and to constantly keep sanitizing anything you touch/handle that someone else may have already touched? So now, here’s my second stupid question……WHY are there so many ignorant stubborn selfish “I don’t care about nobody but me” immature “naysayers” in your area?? Such prevailing attitudes needs some SERIOUS adjustments and it sounds like that will ONLY happen if several of them finally contract COVID, spread it to their family, friends and neighbors, and continue filling up Hedrick or, have to be flown to far off hospitals already filled to capacity and …….end up adding to your cemetery population! It’s not the responsibility of a Health Department, the Sheriff or Police departments to put masks on non-compliant stupid immature people.

  • Just a stupid question….. WHY is it always the responsibility of the Health Department when for months, haven’t they been asking/urging/alerting/pleading verbally, or with literature or posters the importance of wearing masks and constantly sanitizing everything you will be touching that has been touched by someone else? It’s not their responsibility nor that of the Sheriff or Police departments to put masks on those stupid ignorant selfish “I don’t care about nobody but me” immature “naysayers.” These kind of malcontents don’t care that your local living population is shrinking as your cemetery population grows; no skin off their noses…unless of course as luck would have it, some of them (or their family members, friends) would also start contracting the Covid virus, become seriously ill (especially if they already have a compromised immune systems) and add some more to the local cemeteries. The Health Dept. can legally only do so much. What your area needs is a SERIOUS attitude adjustment and without hitting these naysayers over the head with a 2×4, the only way they’ll learn is if/WHEN they start personally becoming infected.

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