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Thanksgiving – Preparing For The Holiday

The Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching… Are you ready?

If you’re hosting the big meal, it is time to start your grocery shopping.  Remember, if you buy a frozen bird, you will need to thaw it and that could take a few days.  That should be done in the refrigerator according to the package instructions.  For the side dishes and dessert, if you can, farm them out to your guests.  If you can’t, look at your menu and see what you can cook ahead of time and freeze, then reheat.

If you haven’t cooked a turkey before, check on the web to find some basic cooking tips, thawing times and methods and cooking times, and the temperature you want the turkey to reach.  Food safety is important, but proper planning and preparation can help you achieve a successful and Happy Thanksgiving.

If you are traveling, check the MoDOT Website and other states as needed to make sure the roads are open on the way to your destination.  Watch the weather forecast and plan your travel accordingly.  Check out your vehicle, including tire pressure to make sure you will be safe while on the road. Before you leave, let someone know your travel plans and when you are expecting to arrive.  Finally, make sure you are well rested before you leave.

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