Chillicothe Police Report

Chillicothe Police had another busy day on Friday, November 20th with a variety of incidents.

11:49 am, Officer spoke with the subject on the phone that has received threats from a relative.

1:39 pm, Officers out in the 1300 block of Monroe Street for resident threatening other tenants. The subject was transported to Hedrick Medical Center for evaluation and treatment.

1:48 pm, Tampering and property damage to vehicle at a business in the 10 block of Ryan Lane.

3:04 pm, Request to check on the subject at South Junction. Walking back and forth between Hwy. 36 and Business 36. The subject was checked and is waiting on a ride.

3:30 pm, Officers checked on a subject near 1000 block of Graves Street and was the same subject waiting on a ride.

5:17 pm, Report of a subject loitering at a business in the 1000 block of S. Washington Street. The subject was contacted and is getting food and then going to a motel.

7:09 pm, Officer speaking with a subject on the phone who has concerns for the well-being of a relative. The relative had been receiving threats.

7:16 pm, Officers assisted Emergency Services with a medical call in the 200 block of Cowgill Street. The subject was transported to Hedrick Medical Center for treatment. Officers were called to return to the hospital scene after leaving. The subject was unruly but was calmed down.

7:35 pm, More calls from a subject expressing concern for their relative, after the relative had been picked up by the subject that was making the threats. Description of the vehicle was provided, and Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

9:31 pm, Report of a subject trying to open a door at a closed business in the 10 block of Elm Street. The subject did not make entry and ran from the scene upon seeing employees inside the business. An officer searched the area and was unable to locate anyone.

9:43 pm, Open door located on business in the 500 block of Madison Street. An employee was contacted and came to the scene. The building was secured.

Chillicothe Police received 80 calls for service on 11/20/2020….


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