Livingston County COVID-19 Numbers

The number of COVID-19 in Livingston County is now at 742.  The Livingston County Health Center released the numbers Tuesday morning.  In the county, there are 74 active cases and 19 are hospitalized.  Of the current cases, 14 is from area facilities and 8 attend Livingston County Schools.  The number of deaths in the county is at 19.

Numbers for the Missouri Correction Centers is working on their website, but they told KCHI that at the Chillicothe Correction Center there are 0 active offender cases and the total to date is 266.  There are 13 active staff cases and the total is at 74.


Taking a look at the most recent numbers from the surrounding counties:

County        Total     Active      Deaths

Caldwell         408          70            4

Carroll            475          59            9

Chariton         407        110            5

Daviess          349          95            7

Grundy          617        123          18

Linn               625          85          14

Sullivan          622        101            7

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