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Mask Comments Presented At Chillicothe City Council Meeting

Comments from the public on the Mask Mandate in place in Livingston County were part of the Public Comment portion of Monday’s Chillicothe City Council meeting.

Seria Ishmael and others from the Barbers and Hair Dresser in the community addressed the Council about the effect the Mask Mandate will have on their business and concerns over enforcement and fines.  There were also concerns over the issuing of the mandate and a Holiday Parade taking place with the Health Department as Grand Marshalls.

There were also comments from the Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas, Hedrick Medical Center CEO Steve Shieber, Chief Nursing Officer Catherine Hamilton, Medical Director Greg Miller talked about the importance of using a mask, to protect yourself and to protect others.

Chillicothe City Administrator Darin Chappell also addressed the council about masks and the mandate, what it requires and enforcement.  He says when the Hospital says they were becoming overwhelmed, and asked for the mandate… it was issued.

Chappell says there has been no discussion on enforcement or fines in connection with the Mask Mandate.  He says the 911 Center and the Police Department have too much going on to worry about enforcing the wearing of a mask.

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